One day after his Twitter was hacked by a Hopsin fan and two days after being found guilty of a probation violation, Chief Keef's reportedly been hit by a lawsuit for missing a UK performance.

Team Major, LLC, a Washington, D.C.-based promotion company, is suing for repayment from a missed performance on December 29 at The IndigO2 Arena in London. According to, Sulton Law Offices, the company representing Team Major, LLC, Keef provided no explanation or notice prior to his no-show, forcing the company to issue refunds. The company is seeking damages to the tune of $75,000.

When reached for comment by Complex, Merk Murphy, a spokesman for Keef's management team, explained: "Around that time, we was dealing with some legal issues, and it wasn't, according to his lawyer, the best idea for him to be leaving the country. We'll see to it that it gets resolved properly." 

This isn't the first time Keef's missed performances; he was reportedly a no-show for an appearance at 106 & Park. Previously, for our December cover story on Chief Keef, one of the members of his management team told Complex

“We missed shows for three reasons,” Peeda explains. “Either one, the probation department didn’t let him go, didn’t give him the authorization to leave Chicago. Two, the promoter in a market didn’t pay us the rest of our money. The third reason is that there’s a lot of people booking fake shows, that we don’t even know about.” So what happened during “Hell Week”? “Those remain mysteries,” Peeda says, somewhat enigmatically. “That’s what I was gonna say, number four, we do have a few shows that he’s missed due to reasons we have no idea why.”

This is far from the first time hip-hop artists have fallen into legal trouble due to no-shows. In one recent high-profile case, Julia Beverly explored how Gucci Mane's management was accused of fraud related to a series of no-shows. It appeared in an in-depth November, 2009 article for Ozone Magazine entitled "Scam Afta Scam."