Producer: Scarface
Album: The World Is Yours
Label: Rap-A-Lot Records

Scarface: “That was my dope smoking song. That’s when Swisher Sweets started getting popular in the neighborhood. My buddy, his name was Toast, and he died in 1992 but he was the first guy to smoke Swisher Sweets. He was like 17-years-old and he would cut the Swisher Sweets open and put the weed in it. Now everybody was smoking Philly Blunts and White Owls, but Toast was smoking Sweets. So I wrote that song.

“Toast changed the whole generation from smoking White Owls and Phillys to smoking Sweets. Toast was smoking Sweets back in 1990, ’91. When I said, ‘Jammin to a tape my homie had made/’Growin up in the Hood’ being mixed with Face.’ That was DJ Screw back then. I was talking about DJ Screw.”