2012 saw the first LP release from Canadian producer Datsik and now we're less than a full month into 2013 and we've got the first installment to his Cold Blooded EP series.  With seven tracks on the docket it's clear that the Firepower Records general has been hard at work in the studio.  Cold Blooded is a return to the original Datsik sound that we fell in love with the first place.  That sound is at once tech-y and hip-hop flavored and at the same time some basstastic dubstep.  Just listening to a Datsik track you know it's his, and with this new EP there's no doubt he's back on his grind.

This is nothing BUT dubstep. No filler. No cross-pollination. No experimenting with sounds and vibes from outside of the lane he's familiar with.   While tons of artists that embraced and pushed the genre are investigating alternate avenues, this EP re-connects us with that second wave sound that flooded festivals for several years.  With features from Messinian, Young Sin, Snak The Ripper, a Pharaohe Monch sample in "Too Late To Say No", and heavy vocal sampling on "Release Me", there is diversity within the funky deep bass you come to expect from a Datsik release.  None of these tracks are happy, melodic, or poppy, though. Datsik uses a low-down understated rhythm with ominous pads and monstrous bass to make it clear he hasn't given up on the dubstep sound he helped push to the masses.

Cold Blooded, Part One is available now.