The first time you met her, you were stoked. Not only could she spit Lil Wayne verses backwards and forwards, but she could go to shows with you, let you know which LiveMixtapes downloads were worth your time, and even clowned your roommate for bumping the Decemberists. It was a match made in heaven.

Then the signs of obsession started to show. She seemed a little too eager to jump on-stage at the show. She was spitting lyrics from Ace Hood album tracks. She told you "Capone Bone" was getting her in the mood. Then one day, you came home from work early to find her naked, next to a pair of Jordans, tattooing an image of T.I. and Tiny on her stomach while caressing a 2-D cardboard cut-out of Future. "Things have got to stop!" you think.

Well, there were the warning signs. Here's what you should have been paying attention to: 10 Signs Your Girl Listens to Too Much Rap Music.

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