Dgainz: “I liked that video because there’s not a lot of nighttime videos that be good. He had a lot dark shots in the video and it looked perfect, like the color and the angles that he got in the video. Hype Williams shot it and that’s one of my favorite directors, so that’s what made me like it anyway.

“He got some crazy shots. I remember seeing a shot, I think they were in Times Square, they were driving in the car. It’s all about light in the visuals and the lighting was crazy in that video.

“He’s got a certain type of lighting that he uses, it’s like a silhouette type of lighting. In that particular video and a couple of videos I like of his, that’s what he stood out. He uses a lot of silhouette type shots and that gives a crazy look to the videos.

“[Challenges at night include] grain in the videos or the shot might be too dark, where you can’t really catch what you’re really trying to see. My main problem is grain, it gives like a snowy picture when you turn up the ISO too high. That’s why it’s good to use a low-light lense. Hype Williams have the perfect low-light lense or something. [laughs] That’s the problem I run into, grain, because I hate using the light you put on top of the camera. It gives it a bootleg look to the video.”