Pizza Hut and Taco Bell fans alike are still mourning yesterday’s news that Brooklyn three-piece Das Racist has called it quits. After Heems let the cat out of the bag onstage in Munich, Kool A.D. took to Twitter and mentioned that he had actually quit the band two months prior.

Today we get a little more insight into that delay thanks to Dapwell. The hypeman told Spin:

"I was bummed when we actually broke up, when it was done, mostly because it was a way to make money really easily. Now, I probably won't be able to make money that easily ever again... But we had a plan to break up around May. We had just signed this record deal and we were going to put out one proper album and then go on a farewell tour, release a proper breaking up statement that could have been really funny, maybe a weird, stupid video. Now, all of that has gone to shit."

With the band’s elaborate farewell plans disrupted, it’s still not totally clear whether the world will ever get that second LP or any more shows from alt-hip-hop trio.

[via Pitchfork]