Label: RCA
Released: September 25

Like the R&B singer he is, Miguel sings about love as if it's the only thing that matters. Like the great R&B singer he is, Miguel sings about love and convinces you it's the only thing that matters. Our time alive, time best spent in love (and, of course, fucking), is sweet because it's finite, he explains over the course of Kaleidoscope Dream.

As the album works to a shivering climax, he wonders, "Where's the fun in forever?" There isn't any. It's only a high because it's bookended by lows. Sex needs culmination. The world is full of certainty in the form of moments of pleasure, how good it feels to be touched here, or kissed there. There must be a specific number of drinks to send people home with each other, where clothes are dispensed with to get folks closer. There most be something a woman can say to a man, a sentence, to make him believe he's the one, if only for a little while.

Another certainty: This album is great, nothing but polished gems of pop-savvy R&B that accumulate with a purpose. People will be happy while this music's around them, and they'll miss it when it's away. -RS