D’Angelo, Voodoo (2000)

Label: Cheeba Sound/Virgin

Roc Marciano:Voodoo is everything you want in a soul album. Period. The lyrics are soulful, the tracks are ridiculous. You can rhyme on those tracks! Straight up and down. Hearing that album, it’s hard to believe it was made in ‘99, 2000. I remember I had the tape twice. I used to ride out to that album very hard. Pause. [Laughs.]

“The Voodoo album is just incredible. It’s too soulful. It’s almost like the perfect soul album. You can’t believe that album wasn’t done in the 70’s. That’s what I’m basically saying. Just the sound of it alone. You can’t believe it.

“[I’m not surprised that Action Bronson said in an interview that Voodoo is his favorite album.] We never spoke about that, but Action’s a soulful dude. Some people with music just get it. And he gets it. So I’m not surprised.”