Scarface, The Last of a Dying Breed (2000)

Label: Rap-A-Lot

Roc Marciano: “I rode hard to that album. ‘Conspiracy Theory.’ You could tell he was going through a lot at that time. J. Prince got knocked, and they were trying to railroad that man.

“I remember I was going on the road with Busta, and I needed some music to ride out to. And I was like, ‘Yo, let me just buy a bunch of albums.’ That was one of them. And that album didn’t leave my car. It just didn’t leave. It just stayed in the deck. I just ran that album over and over and over again. Scarface is a cold dude. Real cold dude.

“I remember back in the days I was trying to put mad dudes up on it. You know, east coast always had love for southern artists, contrary to some beliefs. Ralph McDaniels always supported The Geto Boys, Goodie Mob. You know, we saw those videos. Growing up, that stuff was in rotation. And The Last Of A Dying Breed, that’s just real profound. Word up.”