Album: Coming Correct
Label: Luke Skyywalker Records

DJ Toomp: “When I was working with MC Shy D, it was my idea to basically come out with a song that was more repetitive, with a concept to it. And that’s what 'Shake It' was: him talking to the girl, telling her, 'Don’t sit around, being lame; get out here and shake it.'

“We were at Shy D’s house one day. His parents use to stay out there in Ellenwood, and we were sitting there, thinking like, 'We got about ten songs so far…' I kept telling him, 'Ay man, we need another song that’s repetitive, to where it can keep saying the same thing. We need something that can really stick in people’s head. And I kept going, ‘do it, move it, work it…'

“So we started putting the beat together, me and Mike Fresh, and I finally came up with 'Shake It.' I was like, 'That’s it.' We sampled Shy D’s voice for the track. By the time we got to Miami we were able to just put it all together because we were able to track it all down. And the drum machine that we had you really couldn’t get but so much music out of it, so we had to track stuff out in the studio and then add more music to it. And it ended up being a big record.”