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Album: LiveLoveA$AP
Label: N/A

A$AP Rocky: “‘Brand New Guy’ happened before we were really cool. Like, I was a fan of Schoolboy Q before I got on. He had some song called ‘Bet I Got Some Weed,’ and ‘Druggys Wit Hoes.’ I used to listen to those songs on YouTube, watch the videos like everyday and get high to it. I really liked his music. I wanted to work with him so bad. 

"So by the time that ‘Purple Swag’ started buzzing just a little bit, you know Q, he’s reluctant. He doesn’t really like go collabing with artists. He’s like me. Only way he’s going to collab with you is if he really has a personal connection with you, and it should be that way, because at the end of the day, all this music and shit has to have some real kind of substance and significance to it that makes sense. If it’s just, ‘Oh, we just did this for the money,’ yhat doesn’t mean anything. Most people are only like that.

“So when ‘Brand New Guy’ came up, it was like, I was reaching out to his people for months—not months—but a month, and it seemed like, you know, ‘Oh, he’ll do it,’ and then at that point, I was always one of those guys that wouldn’t get my hopes up high for something. I was one of those guys that would never let my hopes get up high over things like records or stuff like that.

“My first day speaking, meeting, greeting Drake, he told me, ‘I’m going to bring you on tour with me.’ I didn’t believe him. It’s not that I didn’t think it would happen, I just never got my hopes up high. When I heard I was going to get a $3 million deal, I didn’t celebrate until I got a $3 million deal. It’s not up until now that I would hear something, and would kind of be looking forward to it. Like the VMAs. I heard about it. My friends didn’t even know I was doing the VMAs when I did it. That’s just how I look at things.

“When I met Q, we bonded, and it became fun. We just became cool ass friends."