Blink-182's "Dammit" in Can't Hardly Wait

Film Released: 1998

One of the most iconic songs of the 90s-those three, unmistakable guitar chords, the two voices trading in verse (one sneering punk, the other, a throaty few octaves lower), and a soaring punk chorus-and one of the most iconic teen films of the '90s, if not all-time. While Can't Hardly Wait can be remembered for anything from Seth Green's instaclassic white boy moment delivering Special K's "92 Percent" speech, to Jennifer-Love-Hewitt-as-Dream-Girl, to the Pop Tarts, to the cameos by Empire Records' 'Warren,' there's too much to remember about this movie, fondly.

The soundtrack was one of those things. And while Smash Mouth may not have aged well, the entrance of "Damnit" into the film is a siren, a crucial moment at the peak of action that sends all the various characters on their way, via the cops, busting a house party. And who hasn't been there? Yeah: This is most definitely growing up.