Album: Stillmatic
Producer: Megahertz
Label: Ill Will Records, Columbia Records

Remember the great Jay-Z vs. Nas battle? Of course you do. How could you forget hip-hop's last great epic conflict of lyrical giants. The Summer Jam screen. "Supa Ugly." "Ether." "Takeover." Hip-hop heads love to hear the story again and again. And they debate the merits of each record over and over. Point/counterpoint. Blow for blow. Ad infinitum. Ad nauseum. Until it's not that much fun anymore.

One of the songs that came out during this era and was unrelated to the beef was Nas' "Got Ur Self A..." With rap fans picking sides, people were rallying behind singles from Stillmatic with an unprecedented excitement. That energy was nice at first, but over 10 years later, it's caused "Got Ur Self A..." to sound overexposed and what was once an awesome hook now sounds like cheesy radio promo.