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Raekwon has two hip-hop classics under his belt in the Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... series. Now, the Wu-Tang Clan member is contemplating the third in the series, which he’ll be looking for younger talent alongside hip-hop veterans to assist him.

MTV News caught up with Rae to talk about possible collaborations for the album. Recently, it was announced that it would drop before 2014 and the Chef says here that he will look at the young guys coming up for a “sorted selection.”

“I believe that real talent, too, come from the streets,” he said. “I’m always going to be that guy because If nobody gave me the opportunity, I couldn’t be here rapping with y'all right now.”

Rae also revealed that Kanye West will be featured on the project. The duo have paired up on several records in the past with notable ones including “The Morning” off Cruel Summer. Watch the rest of the clip above.

[via MTV]