Produced By: THC

Punch: “[It didn’t make the album because of] basic sample issues. It’s simple as that. If we were to try and re-do the sample, it would take away the original feeling of it. We didn’t want to risk it. That’s just one of those records. That’s one of those b-sides that’s going to be around and ain’t really attached to nothing. If it wasn’t for [the sample issue], it would’ve been on there.”

Kendrick Lamar: “I got something else for that, a different space for that [to go]. We’re going to find something crazy for that one. We had [an issue with sample clearances] but I don’t want to let that record die. That was my idea [to put Gunplay on the song]. People thought I was crazy for it. I just know his flow and his cadence is crazy and his consonants is crazy. [I knew] he’d do it justice and that he did. He’s definitely crazy man.”

MixedByAli: “Everybody in our age bracket has experienced at least one thing that he talks about on this album. Coming from where we grew up we were exposed to a lot of shit that a lot of people really wasn’t exposed to like parents taking drugs in front of them, house parties, drinking, everything.

"This album is us, it’s ours, it’s the ‘80s babies album. Listening to it, you have no choice but to relive something you experienced growing up.

“The mindstate at TDE has always been hard music and hard work. Our whole thing is to hustle like we broke. No matter what we have—this hype, or Dre behind us—we still have to keep doing what we’ve been doing, putting out great music and not disappointing our family, which is our fans. We want to continue that and not let nobody down and keep progressing.”

Punch: “This completes the whole introduction of Kendrick Lamar. It’s different between a plan and a purpose. The purpose is to make the best possible album we can make. We want the classic album. We want people to compare it to Reasonable Doubt, The Chronic, Illmatic, that’s not lost on us. I hear people talking about he just wanted to make some money but our purpose was to make a classic album.

“We got a few different directions to go. We got Schoolboy Q coming, Jay Rock been working, and we got the Black Hippy project. Ab-Soul got an album he already done and he just dropped Control System. These dudes don’t stop working so we’re going to keep putting out projects, keep touring, and doing the whole thing.

“This is everything we’ve been working for. Imagine starting out with zero fans, alone in the studio making music, to doing shows with five thousand people there. This album is just the stamp. It’s a mark in what we’re ultimately trying to be. We want to be dominant, to be mentioned with the great companies: Roc-A-Fella, Death Row, Cash Money all the way up to  Interscope and Aftermath. Our goal is to be one of the dominant companies. We always joke around and say Ab-Soul has got his third Grammy speech prepared already. That’s how far in advance we think.”

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