The First Thing I Bought When I Got Rich is a recurring feature in which today's most popular artists open up about the big purchases they made immediately following early success.

Before Game releases his fifth album, Jesus Piece, on December 11, we took a moment to speak with him about the days when he was far from a rap veteran. In the months leading up to his debut, The Documentary, Game was still trying to make fast cash—something rap wasn't offering him, yet. When he got his first big check, the L.A. rapper viewed it as an opportunity to follow his hustler’s ambition once again. Here's what he had to say.

What was the first thing you bought when you got rich?
Six pounds of fucking chronic. I was still hustling. That’s to be totally honest. I didn’t know what rap was going to bring. I spent my advance check on my mom and my family and shit. I used the [leftover] money I had to get some weed so I could slang that shit and keep myself afloat.

How much did it cost?
Chronic in Compton? It was like about—I mean, my little deal I had with my partner—I think I spent about $4,500.

When was that?
That was like 2003.

This almost answers itself, but we have to ask: Where is it now?
It’s somewhere between here and the stars, bro.

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