Sasha Go Hard: “Drill music is just to me that it will get people crunk. You know, like everybody is in the mood to act the fool. [Laughs.] Drill music is catchy and it's hood like street music. That’s what that is.

“The term drill is the 2012 version of fighting. You gonna do something to somebody else. Like Katie Got Bandz’ [song], “We riding around and we drillin’.” Or just, ‘We’ll drill they ass.’ [Laughs.]

“It’s most definitely out of Chicago because I know this group called M.I.C. that rap and they got a song called “All We Do Is Drill.” And it’s about drillin’ too. ‘All we do is drrill.’ And when you hear it, you just know that it's not just sitting on the porch or playing a video game or something. [Laughs.]

“I think it came from teenagers and violence. Drill is a cold word, you know? [Laughs.] That’s why I said it's the 2012 version of fight. In Chicago, nobody else say ‘fight.’ ‘We finna go fight.’ Or something like that. It’s just not like that anymore, especially like now. That I’m saying drill, it means a lot.”

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