How To Dress Well: “I didn’t start putting stuff out as How To Dress Well until 2009. I was making tons of songs. And I make a song and I’d be like, ‘It just sounds like I’m trying to make a song by X or whatever. This just sounds like I am trying to sound like The-Dream. Or I am trying to sound like Animal Collective.’ I was not keen in to putting out it until the stuff I was releasing. ‘Ok, this feels true. True to me.’ That’s when I started putting the shit out. When I could say like, ‘This is a contribution.’

“I was feeling super fertile creatively. I think it came from a conversation with my friend. I want to set myself almost arbitrary formal constraint. Six EPs in six months and just see what else I can produce. I ended up doing seven in six months. When the attention started coming, after the first or second one, I was like, ‘Should I hold this stuff and do a record?’ I was like, ‘No. I just want to get my name out there.’ Let it be known that I am doing this. Not to sound like a dick or whatever, I’m doing this and nobody else is. I’m not looking to get rich off this. I’m looking to have it be known that I made something beautiful and special. So it’s just like, ‘Fuck it. Let’s just send it all out.’

“Around the same time, I was getting offers to do a record. The reason why I went with this company called Lefse Records was because they were like, ‘Keep releasing. Do whatever you want. And we’ll just put out whatever you decide.’ Whereas other labels were like, ‘Ok, you can’t release anything else. We are gonna go into the studio and we are going to re-record. You are going to work with this person. And we are going to polish some of them.’ I was like, ‘No, no, no.’ I have to follow this vision out.

“They were hands off enough. I’m not working with them anymore. They don’t have the infrastructure that I thought this new record deserved to get it out to the right amount of people and the right amount of ears. With the right push, but yeah, they were like, ‘We like what you are on, so keep going.’”