Song: Kanye West, Pusha T & Ghostface Killah "New God Flow"

Make no mistake: Cruel Summer is Pusha T's album, a tour de force that expertly pairs the temper of Kanye West with the raw, dope-fueled fury of the Clipse legend. Again refusing to name his enemies, noting their worthlessness, Pusha fires off rockets at what many interpret to be YMCMB, dealer of delusional “dreams” of success.

Kings of old used to force subjects to bow and rest their necks under the boot of royalty, a show of power that T takes to the extreme of suffocation. Noting Birdman's self-proclaimed rank of “General,” complete with gaudy 5-star tattoo, Pusha plans a way to take out the crew and prove what beef really is. With this “new god,” the rule that “death comes in threes” is to be tested; T will take out Birdman, Drake, and Wayne all at once.