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Brooklyn rapper and frequent Jay-Z collaborator Sauce Money was interviewed on Forbez DVD Live recently by Doggie Diamonds, and the topic of rappers coming in and out of the game was brought up. The discussion quickly became focused on Ma$e, and Sauce candidly shared how he felt about Ma$e leaving rap to become a preacher. Here's what Sauce had to say:

I don't really give a fuck what niggas do, so I really don't have a problem with [artists] coming and going. What I do have a problem with - and we was talking about Ma$e I believe - I do have a problem when you step into that arena [of religion] and now you've got people following you and people looking up to you and this, that and the third, and people giving you money for what you're doing because you're giving a message, it's almost like you're leading them astray. You're fooling them. Them uptown niggas is known for that hustling shit...I don't respect that, I can't respect that...I used to like Ma$e [as a rapper], I don't respect how he moves in that're a scumbag.

Watch the interview above.

[via HipHopDX]