Last year, Complex premiered The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP after Prodigy got out of prison. Being that it was somewhat slept on, he decided to go ahead and re-release it with five songs. The production looks very solid. The Bumpy Johnson Album is out October 2. 

1. Change (Prod. Sid Roams)
2. The one and only (Prod. Alchemist)
3. Told ya’ll (Prod. Sid Roams)
4. Go off (Prod. Sid Roams)
5. Recipe for Murder (Prod. produced by S.C.)
6. Hitman (Prod. King Benny)
7. Medicine man (Prod. Alchemist)
8. For One Night Only (Prod. Alchemist)
9. Twilight (Prod. Sid Roams)
10. Black devil (Prod. Sid Roams)
11. Stronger (Prod. King Benny)
12. Nobody can do it like this (Prod. Sid Roams)

[via HHNM]

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