This past July, we caught wind of the music of Chicago's Lil Mouse, who at the age of 13 (!) released a ridiculous video for his single, "Get Smoked." Since then, the youngster has released a new boost of attention thanks to Lil Wayne's Dedication 4 mixtape. Weezy hopped on "Get Smoked" and kept Mouse's rhymes intact, which introduced the kid's music to thousands.

Today, we caught some rumors that Mouse's affiliation with YMCMB had gone beyond a mere mixtape feature. This morning, a Twitter account that looked legit tweeted out the following:

We looked into it and found that the above account is false, as you can find the real Mouse tweeting at @MouseMyers.

Since the scenario still seems plausible given the Dedication 4 feature, we reached out to label reps, who tell us, "At this time, he is not signed with YMCMB."

Lil Mouse's reps tell us that he is "in negotiations with Birdman and several other labels."