Machine Gun Kelly is putting the finishing touches on his Bad Boy debut, Lace Up. Despite a minor setback with last week's leaked track list and cover art, MGK sounds confident that his album won’t suffer any more problems.

When we sat down with him at NYC’s Daddy’s House studio yesterday, he was sifting through fan photos on his laptop, pausing at a guy with huge MGK portrait tattooed on his arm. When asked how it makes him feel, he admits, “It’s a lot of pressure.”

MGK might be a little nervous about his big release date on October 9, but his rapid-fire flow is sharp as ever. He didn’t play all of Lace Up, but he did give us a good idea of what to expect, sharing 10 tracks with Complex, straight off his Macbook, five of which we're able to preview. Read on for our impressions of the LP, so far.

Written by Eric Diep (@E_Diep)