Joining TDE

Ab-Soul: “As soon as I had graduated from high school I had signed an independent contract with a small label called StreetBeat Entertainment. Take it as a learning experience. But during that time, I had started working with TDE. That deal was for two years, so as soon as that was up, I built a relationship with TDE and became a member of that family.

"My best friend that I was rapping with early on at the time was Sounwave’s cousin—Sounwave is one of our main in-house producers at TDE. Sounwave was making beats early on like on his PlayStation. So we were in a sense coming up together, kind of doing the same things. We always stayed in contact. He was staying in Compton for a long time but he eventually moved to Carson, and when he moved to Carson we really connected. He brought me to TDE. First day I came into TDE in around 2006, I met Punch and I've been there ever since.

"We're a real family unit. They weren’t coming at me talking no paper work—it wasn't nothing like that. We were really just trying to build as a team and try to create a new sound. That's the most important thing. It took a while before we started talking about stuff like that, contracts and stuff. It was just a matter of developing and coming into our own. That is definitely our intent.”