Album: In a Perfect World..
Producer: Danja
Label: Mosley/Zone 4

“Knock You Down” finds Kanye entangled in a bizarro love triangle with the smokin’ hot Keri Hilson and—well—Ne-Yo. With Kanye playing the protagonist, he dubs himself a nerdly class clown fighting for the affection of Hilson, who typically dates the football star. We’re still not sure where Ne-Yo fits in here, but we went along with it.

Kanye’s cleverly crafted verse helped “Knocks You Down” become a radio smash. Yeezy delivered one of his favorite rapping patterns, building a few lines based around a famous name. Tthis time it was the Jacksons: “This is bad, real bad/Michael Jackson/Now I’m mad, real mad/Joe Jackson.” The song eventually went double platinum and hit No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.