Label: Landspeed Records

Though his connections to Brooklyn’s Gang Starr Foundation and the Bronx's BDP—not to mention his tough-as-nails demeanor—might lead you to think otherwise, Freddie Foxxx was raised in solidly suburban North Babylon, L.I. Released 11 years after his first and only major-label release, Freddie Foxxx Is Here (MCA), Foxxx’s Industry Shakedown put phony rappers and disingenuous corporate execs on blast with bold threats ("I remember when I first stepped to Lyor, I should have blown him/Cause that cracker been a crook since I first known him" went one particularly direct line) and gruff, cut-the-bullshit lyricism. Produced by an all-star committee of DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Diamond D. and the Alchemist, Industry Shakedown was the best-selling independent album of 2000, ensuring that Bumpy Knuckles had the last, diabolical laugh.