Song: "Sweet Life"

“Sweet Life” is a portrayal of a life of luxury that parallels “Super Rich Kids.” In love with a girl from the right side of the tracks, Ocean becomes more and more disenfranchised with the rich life and its own subtle horrors.

Finding himself torn over a girl from the “black Beverly Hills” of affluent Ladera Heights, California, Ocean gives the otherworldly love a chance. The man-made “paradise” of sprawling green lawns and deep pools in the desert sickens the crooner, a rough juxtaposition of style that is off-putting. Drawing upon his music career, Ocean recognizes that an album is much like a relationship: the main track, the single, often is not the best choice. Instead, sometimes buried inside the tracklist is something better, but not necessarily with “single” status. Similarly, the girl valued one of Frank's singles, but not the whole album, her previous relationship a choice of simplicity rather than exploration. In the end, however, Ocean faces a Matrix-style choice, to take the blue pill and remain in false paradise or the red to Wonderland.