It’s no secret that Complex is all about Oliver Stone’s Savages, which opens on July 6. The film made our 25 Most Anticipated Movies of Summer 2012 list, and Complex is running an exclusive video series exploring the characters in greater depth. We also told you about the "Are You a Savage?" Instagram sweepstakes, but what we haven’t covered yet is the soundtrack, and it would be a crying shame not to touch on it at all.

First off, it marks the break-out for composer Adam Peters, who has worked on some high-profile films before, but is really getting a chance to shine here. In addition to his work, you’ll find Peter Tosh’s “Legalize It” (big surprise), Bob Dylan’s “Romance in Durango,” and other great tracks from artists like Massive Attack, Yuna, and Thievery Corporation featuring Anoushka Shankar.

We’re giving away five copies of the album, which you can preview here, to fans in our social network. Retweet our Savages soundtrack post or share it on Facebook to be entered to win. Winners will be selected at random by our editors; the promotion ends on 7/6, so don’t wait!