Writer David Thorpe, a contributor to Something Awful and the Boston Phoenix, pulled off quite an internet prank on Pitbull, when he successfully campaigned to have a Walmart located in Kodiak, Alaska be the winner of a contest to get a personal Pitbull visit. After getting wind of the contest, which said that the Walmart with the most new "likes" on Facebook would win the visit from Pitbull, he found the most remote Walmart location in the U.S., and began his campaign via Twitter using the hashtag #ExilePitbull to get it the most "likes."

Well, his prank worked, and the Kodiak, Alaska Walmart received 60,000 new "likes," and easily won the contest. And Pitbull, having a good sense of humor, paid for Thorpe to fly out and come join him in Alaska for the appearance, which all happened today (Thorpe was invited by Walmart also but they didn't want to pay for his flight). That Pitbull is a cool guy, huh? Check out a pic of Pitbull and Thorpe, and a couple more shots from the event, above.

[via BuzzFeed]