Nas “Star Wars” (2004)

Album: Illmatic (10th Anniversary Edition)

Label: Columbia

Producer: Large Professor

Large Professor: “We did ‘Star Wars’ during the Stillmatic sessions. Then it got released on the 10th anniversary album of Illmatic. That was a real flavor joint. He was sitting there, and I played him that beat, like, ‘Yo, you gotta use this beat.’ And he wrote that write there on the spot.

That was on some flavor shit, talking about Wild Style. That’s why he’s saying, ‘She remembers Busy Bee battles when it was peace.’ And it had [the Star Wars kind of sounds, but it was also talking about the stars of rap going at each other too]. We were in the studio, and the studio was really nice. And the weather was nice. That was a good time.

“I think Nas had so much stuff, and always does, [which is why this wasn’t on Stillmatic]. I heard his new album, and dude got so many tracks. I was asking him, ‘How are you going to narrow those down?’ There are so many joints. But he has an instinct. It just works out right.

“In a way, it was better that ‘Star Wars’ came out by itself, and was showcased by itself. It added importance to the 10th anniversary project. I heard dudes like, ‘Yo, I gotta get that because it got ‘Star Wars’ on it.’”