Hometown: Hyattsville, MD
Twitter: @Lyriciss
Pros: Bodies verses on the humble; good ear for beats.
Cons: Has little commercial appeal, and probably doesn’t want any.
Essential Listening: The Practice

The PG County resident’s name is perfect, because he’s just that—a true lyricist. A hardcore hip-hop head, Lyriciss takes it all the way back to the essence with cerebral lyrics over equally visceral  production. He finally seems to have found his voice, sounding comfortable on tracks that he once strained to keep up with. 

While breezing over excellent production, he spews intricate rhymes that require multiple listens for you to soak everything in. His music is soulful with a ‘90’s swing that oldheads and youngin’s  alike can both vibe with.

His lone drawback may be that he has virtually no crossover appeal, but that’s not even his wave. He may never get the attention he deserves, but now that he’s achieved a balance he’s happy with, he should be good.