Fat Trel

Hometown: Northeast D.C.
Twitter: @FATTREL
Pros: Menacing, tenacious, no-holds-barred style; a goon alternative to what you’re used to hearing out of the area.
Cons: Can that translate into mainstream success?
Essential: No Secrets

Dreaded up, North Faced the-fuck-down and with a harrowing, green-eyed stare, Fat Trel is the physical embodiment of the faction he represents: the streets. Where artists like Wale and Tabi Bonney have found success on the opposite end of the spectrum, Trel spins gritty D-Boy tales worthy of Don Diva. He possesses a Beanie Sigel-like ability to pound each lyric into your brain like he’s punching you in the chest, providing a literal lyrical beat down.

Formerly down with Wale’s BOA (Board Administration), Trel was inexplicably dropped right before the release of his April Foolz project. Undaunted, he moved on, and despite specializing in high-energy tales of goonery, he has a charismatic side.

With features in the Fader, slots opening for artists like Waka Flocka and a not-so-random appearance during an A$AP Rocky show a few weeks ago, Fat Trel is poised to tell the world the tales of the D.C. streets. One way or another.