Date: 2005
Target: Diddy, D-Block, Fat Joe
Best Line(s): "Tell the nigga Puffy I said get out the mirror, for a second; lemme talk to him. Puffy own the nigga motherfucking publishing."

If there's one thing 50 does really well, it's get money—not long before this particular rant, Coca-Cola bought Vitamin Water for $4.1B, putting $100M in 50's already fat wallet. Oh, and he also beefs with people. So, that's two things he does really well. Which brings us to Diddy, Fat Joe and The LOX, all of whom he was sending shots at for different and long-standing reasons. (Puffy's business deals; Fat Joe and Jadakiss for guesting on a Ja Rule song.) In an effort to wipe them all out at once, 50 simply smeared them all together.