Jenni Rivera “La Chacalosa” (1995)

Label: Cintas Acuario

Most loco lyric: "Cuando cumplí los quince años, no me hicieron quinceañera/Me heredaron un negocio que buen billete me diera/Celular y también biper para que todo atendiera."

Translation: "When I turned fifteen, they didn’t give me a coming out party/I inherited a business that makes me heavy cash/A cell phone and beeper so I can take care of everything."

The only woman to become a major narcocorrido star, Rivera is huge on the L.A. scene. This was her first hit, a perky banda number about how she was raised to be an international drug queen. In fact, she was raised in the first family of the L.A. corrido world, daughter and sister to a dynasty of producers, songwriters, and singers. Along with her singing career, she has a cosmetics line and her own TV reality show.