In a recent interview with MTV, Freddie Gibbs got candid and opened up about some things. Check out a few choice quotes from the Gary, Indiana representative and Young Jeezy affiliate below.

On his thoughts on the Young Jeezy Rick Ross beef:

"You’ll see on the ‘Babyface Killa’ mixtape. I’ve been known not to bite my tongue. These guys blowing shots at people will definitely be dealt with accordingly. They’re not gonna say anything too crazy because they don’t want that real life s**t. They just wanna rap, you know? We’re not really into that, we’re gonna let them know what it’s really about. There ain’t gonna be no freestyle battle or no bulls**t like that."

On being compared to 2Pac:

"He’s been my number one influence. If you say Tupac didn’t influence you, then you don’t really need to be rapping because nobody evokes that kind of emotion on a track like Tupac does. You’ve got a lot of Tupac clones, but I don’t think I'm one of them. I just think I give people a little piece of the feeling he gave them. But that’s some big shoes to fill! I didn’t wanna live my career trying to fill Tupac’s shoes."

On wanting to work with Jay-Z:

"I'm trying to get in there with Jay-Z. I’ve got a song called ‘70’ that I want Jay-Z to feature on. There’s a couple of others guys that I wanna work with as well. Scarface and I are about to drop a couple things, same with Raekwon. I like A$AP Rocky and his stuff, Kendrick too. I’ve done some stuff with Dom Kennedy already, as well as Y.P and Young Louie from Chicago. All of the new upcoming guys who have their heads on straight, doing their thing, I'm f**king with it. I'm still f**king with all of the old G’s."

[via MTV]