It’s been ten years since Complex first opened its doors, and in that time, there have been countless incredible songs to provide a soundtrack to each and every moment of the mag and the culture that sustains it. Over the past decade, many artists have come and gone. Some have soared above the hype while others have fizzled as time and musical tastes have passed them by. But along the way, we’ve been left with more than our fair share of dope beats to step to.

Across every genre, as new sounds and ideas have replaced the old, everything we thought we knew for sure about music has been challenged. The ways we find, collect and listen to our music have drastically changed, but one thing has stayed the same: as once-new favorites morph into trusted classics, the hits just keep on comin’.

In true Complex fashion, we’ve taken a long hard look at all of our favorite songs, and put together a definitive list. And if you though our Best Albums of the Complex Decade list was contentious, this Songs list was even more challenging. But after lengthy debates and a few straight-up battles, we've narrowed down and ranked our picks of the 100 most essential tracks to have blessed our ears since 2002. So rock with us as we recount the Top 100 Songs Of The Complex Era.

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