Wiki: “We know this dude Aaron or A-Ron as some call him, he used to own a clothing company called aNYthing. He would kind of help get me little shows when I was a sophomore in high school. I would just put on a beat and spit verses. Two years ago, I was doing this park jam he had down in the L.E.S., and SPORTINGLIFE was there.

“I was looking for producers and he was like, ‘You should come through. I think we could work together.’ Then from there we met up and we kept working. It’s funny because mad people would always hit me up and send me beats, and I didn’t necessarily fuck with them or want to meet up. On a whim, we just kind of met up [and it took off].”

SPORTINGLIFE: “When you try talking to us, and try to pull bullshit, our wisdom comes out. I think the combination of a person [who’s older] and a person [who’s younger], what that combines to in 2012 is something that hasn’t been seen yet. Youth and wisdom is a powerful combination.”