Ratatat, LP4 (2010)

Label: XL

Kid Cudi: “I listen to that religiously to this day. It was also one of those albums that towards the end of Man of the Moon II, I was absorbing it. Also with this new [WZRD] album—you know, when you pick up an instrument like the guitar, you instantly listen to music that utilizes that instrument with a different type of ear.


I listen to that religiously to this day.


“Its like, 'Oh, I know how he's playing that note. That's a really fucking complicated riff he played right there.' You really start to understand the artistry that goes behind playing the guitar.

“I always knew Ratatat was dope, but I had a newfound respect for them when I started to learn an instrument. I would listen to the music with a different ear and it's exciting because I'm enjoying their music all over again. I'm hearing it for the first time just because the guitar and I'm just really super-inspired by how ill their riffs are, and their huge sounds.”