Andrew W.K.: "That is a fantastic idea because in order to really properly do karaoke and I guess any kind of singing in front of other people, it involves a certain amount of ego death where you have to really just commit to making somewhat of a fool of yourself.

"Even if you're a very good singer, there's a vulnerability and exposure that happens there when people—at least from my experience—get into that state of exposing themselves or unleashing themselves. The part of their ego or brain that would hold them back melts away temporarily, and that really helps parties.

"I like [to do karaoke] singing “Sweet Georgia Brown.” “I Write the Songs That Make The Whole World Sing” [by Barry Manilow], I like that one. I like “Ace of Spades” by Motörhead. They don't always have that, but if you find that on a karaoke machine, you're in for some fun."