The Future

Schoolboy Q: “I’m working on my album right now. We got people talking, but we ain’t really talking about [the label situation] right now. I’m on some other shit. I’m just going to be there for my team. Whatever happens, happens. We are talking to some people, a few people.

“My next move is my album and letting people know who I am. There’s a lot of shit that I ain’t said in the interview that I want to put on my record. I gotta give ’em the full Q now, it’s my debut. They got a piece of me, so now they need to see what’s going on with Q.

“We have some talks in the tours coming. We are getting some things settled, but I have to see what’s going on. I don’t know for sure. I’m more into the music part; TDE gets the shows, and makes it happen. I trust my people to make it happen for me. I ain’t struggling, I ain’t hurting, so they doing something right.”