London Calling

Phlo Finister: “I was in London for like a month and a half. I went there to move initially because I was going to move there with my best friend Peaches Geldof. My managers were like, ‘You can’t leave your music career behind in L.A. and move to London, that’s unacceptable.’

“When I was there I did a lot of fashion press. I did an event with Dolce & Gabbana where I got an introduction with the designers and I got fitted for a gown, and I went to the offices and met all the people.

"I also did an event with this designer Mark Fast, so I was more into the fashion side of things while I was there. But I was influenced by the youth and the lifestyle and the clothes and the streets. It’s just amazing. I love it there. I’m going to eventually move—probably this summer.”