Producer: J Dilla
Album: The Hurricane Sountrack
Label: MCA Records

As the story goes, Dilla spent four hours reworking Roy Ayers' “Ain't Got No Time” to pass time while ?uestlove slept on his couch before catching a flight. Inspired by his production hero Pete Rock, Dilla wanted to take a stab at the sample, which Pete freaked on he & C.L. Smooth's “In The House.” The problem was that Roy Ayers talked throughout the track, making it rather difficult to sample.

Somehow, Dilla was able to pull 32 half-second fragments where Roy wasn't chirping, and stitch them all together to make a loop. Unhappy with the finished product, Dilla scrapped the beat all together, with no intentions of it ever seeing the light of day again. By accident or fate, it fell into the hands of Talib Kweli and Mos Def, who discovered it on the b-side of a Dilla beat tape. The rest is history.