Producer: The Ummah
Album: Beats, Rhymes and Life
Label: Jive/BMG Records

Tribe fans were up in arms when they checked the production credits of Beats, Rhymes & Life to find that the album was almost entirely produced The Ummah. 'Who is Jay Dee?' and 'What is a Consequence?' were common questions during this time. Change is good, but in hip-hop, sometimes elevation is perceived as abandonment or selling out. This couldn't be further from the truth in the case of The Ummah, who gave Tribe a fuller, arguably more advanced sound. And the backbone of this new sound was Jay Dee.

Later in his career we'd learn that Dilla had a penchant for sampling strange voices, manipulating them and then fashioning them into tracks. “Got A Hold” was one of the first times we witnessed this technique (the sample is actually saying “Or was I just drifting back to the time”). It's also worth noting that Dilla's right-hand man, DJ Houseshoes, famously claimed that Dilla made this beat in just 12 minutes. While some hated the change in Tribe's traditional sound, it was no secret that the kicks got crispier and the drums got harder. Consider “Get A Hold” as the welcoming committee.