We can’t all be winners, but we’d like to believe that those who do take home the trophies deserve them. That’s what makes watching the Grammy Awards such a tough thing to do. Year in, year out, somebody always gets snubbed—or worse, completely robbed. And let’s not even talk about the awkward acceptance speeches and peculiar performances. 

This is one awards show that refuses to get with the times. Even with LL Cool J as host somehow we’ve got a feeling tomorrow's 54th Grammy Awards is going to be another night of cliché trumping innovaton. All types of NARAS members get to vote on all types of music they know nothing about.

These are the folks who picked The New Vaudeville Band (Google ’em) over The Beatles. That, ladies and gents, is what you call an epic fail. But that's only No. 19... So let's look back at all the moments the Academy just wants to forget.

Written by Brad Wete (@BradWete)

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