Producer: Dot da Genius
Album: N/A
Label: N/A

Dot Da Genius: “There's another one that was on his demo, that was initially titled 'I Be' but it's called 'Highs and Lows.' With that record, Cudi put me on to some Bob Dylan and played me 'Lay Lady Lay.' On that record, we sampled Bob Dylan. Cudi was like, 'We gotta loop this up, we gotta loop this up.' He just alley-ooped that to me.

“I looped it up, put the drums on it, and it was one of those vibe records. It's an emotional record because at that time period we was dealing with some stuff. We had been making music for a while but we still didn't get any notoriety or any major looks. Cudi was dealing with some stuff at that time period too. He really put his emotion and his heart in that song and spit some real shit.”