Original Song: Opus "Live Is Life" (1984)

“Live Is Life,” by Austrian pop-rock group Opus, was one of the mid '80's hugest continent-spanning Europop hits, an optimistic and unabashedly life-affirming English-as-second-language chant tailor-made for soccer stadia.

But it took the stentorian, sinister, and industrial-tooled Slovenia fascism parodists in Laibach to turn it (as “Life Is Life,” or “Leben Heißt Leben”) into a true stein-clanking anthem for good patriotic Aryan boys everywhere to goosestep to in their brown shirts: “It's the feeling of the people. It's the feeling of the land. We all give the power, we all give the best…and everyone lost everything, and perished! With the rest!”

The track came out on an album called Opus Dei, a reference to the secretive far-right Catholic Church organization and to Opus themselves. And Lord, those rousing trumpets—Arbeit macht frei!