Meeting Kreayshawn

V-Nasty: "I met Kreayshawn through my cousin. [She was dating my cousin and they had broken up]. I had heard she had my cousin doing drugs, but really she didn’t. He was doing it himself. I [called her up and] was yelling and hella hyphy and didn’t give a fuck, like, ‘Bitch! I’m about to beat your ass bitch! You got my cousin fucked up!’ I was pregnant [at the time].

“My cousin was like, ‘It shouldn’t have been like that.’ I didn’t have a valid reason to not like her. I was just going off of what my auntie was telling me and shit. Kreayshawn was in front of my auntie’s house, I walked up, and I was hella pregnant like, ‘What’s up?’ After that, it wasn’t like an argument or anything like that. Ever since then it was like, ‘Hey, what’s going on?’

“[Me and Kreayshawn’s stage personalities differ in the way that] she’s laid back, and I’m a motherfucking fool. I don’t give a fuck—she don’t give a fuck either—but she laid back and more relaxed. I’m like, ‘Hey! What’s happening!’ No, [I don’t outshine her]. We work together. It’s not even an issue at all—it's White Girl Mob!”

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