Best Line: “Smoking weed, getting head in the Oval Office/I changed the stars on the flag into crosses”
Producer: Angel "Onhel" Aponte, Infamous
Album: Tha Carter IV
Label: Young Money/Cash Money/Universal

Wayne rarely incorporates themes into his records these days—he sticks with a standard formula, and typically rolls with the “If it ain't broke...” mantra. But Wayne tackled his presidential role head-on with “President Carter,” keeping it all the way political. The entire song was a departure from the traditional Wayne talk, and the second verse finds Wayne at this most radical.

While the always-there subject matter of sex and violence are still included, he delves into other non-traditional topics like and offering up advice (“Nobody gives you a chance, you've gotta take chances”), and changing the American flag to pray instead of pledge. Was this Wayne at his deepest? The jury's still out, but he does offer up some decent food for thought.