Album: America Is Dying Slowly

Label: East West

Prince Paul: “People don’t often talk about that record. I actually like that record a lot. [Red Hot Organization] who was putting the [America Is Dying Slowly] together, told me the idea behind the record, and if I was willing to donate a song. I mean, of course, man. Who wouldn’t?

“So I’ve known Biz since I was like 14 years old. He’s been a friend forever. And I love Chubb Rock. So I brought Chubb into the studio, and I was like, ‘Yo, I want to record this one differently. I want to record it with hand-held microphones.’

"So I brought some microphones, that’s why it sounds all distorted and stuff. And they were cheap microphones. So Biz and Chubb just kicked rhymes that were off the top of their heads. And of course that’s what Biz is going to do, because he doesn’t write stuff down by then. He just likes to spit a whole lot of nothing.

"And Chubb Rock is going to be Chubb Rock—he’s going to be dope. Very underrated guy, lyrically, I think. And that’s how that record came about. They came in, heard the beat, and Biz came on time, which he rarely does. And we just did it. I was very pleased with it, considering the circumstances. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on that record, but for what it was, it was cool.”