The Rise of The Weeknd & Frank Ocean

2011 also saw a resurgence of the R&B genre, and no two names shone brighter than Frank Ocean and The Weeknd. Both artists were able to build strong musical foundations as well as cultivate massive fanbases seemingly out of nowhere.

Frank Ocean rose to prominence when he dropped nostalgia, ULTRA. in February and stayed hot through multiple solo releases and collaborations with Tyler, The Creator and Jay-Z and Kanye West. An extremely talented songwriter, Ocean was a music critic favorite in 2011.
The Weeknd also crafted some lofty expectations for 2012 by releasing three stellar mixtapes this year. His unique sound and gifted vocals are perfect for the baby-making music that he likes to create, and his understanding of tone and mood make it easy for listeners to connect to his lyrics. 2012 should be a great year for both artists, and we couldn't be more excited.